Labor Unions Organize Rally on Jakarta Streets on Tuesday

Members of a number of different labor unions will gather for a street rally in Central Jakarta on Tuesday, mainly to protest rising prices.(The issue they had gather since a long years ago until now days every year)

Confederation of Indonesian Workers Unions (KSPI) chairman Said Iqbal said on Saturday that protesters will meet at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle and then walk to the State Palace.

Said said the workers would like to express their concerns about several issues, including the fact that their purchasing power is under pressure due to the high price of goods and fuel.(the same titile from a year to a year even the goverment of indonesia make a turn the petro cost to the low price than last year?)

The labor activist also asked the government to protect workers from mass layoffs in the face of slowing economic growth.

Another issue, according to Said, is the apparent ease with which foreign workers can enter the Indonesian labor market and compete with locals.

The union leader also mentioned problems with the minimum wage and with access to proper health care under the government's universal health insurance scheme BPJS and a decent pension.

Worker safety is another concern, Said said, pointing to a recent explosion at a Bekasi cosmetics factory that killed 17 people.

"Until today no steps whatsoever have been taken against the factory owner," according to Said. "We're still waiting for the police to act."