The History Of Gayo Coffee

Currently in Aceh there are two types of coffee cultivated is Arabica and Robusta coffee.
Two types Gayo famous of Gayo coffee (Arabica) and Ulee Kareeng coffee (Robusta). For coffee Arabica is generally cultivated in the highlands "Gayo Land", East Aceh and Gayo Lues, whereas in Pidie district (mainly the area Tangse and Geumpang) and West Aceh more dominant developed by the people here in the form of coffee Robusta. 
Arabica coffee is rather large and dark green, oval-shaped leaves, tree height reaches seven meters. But in the coffee plantation, tree height is kept to a range of 2-3 meters. The goal is that easy when harvested. Arabica coffee trees started to produce its first fruit in three years. 
Normally branches grow from the stem with a length of about 15 cm. Foliage over the younger color as sunlight while the darker underneath. Each bar holds a 10-15 series of small flowers that will be the fruit of the coffee.

Arabica coffee varieties dominate the type developed by farmers Gayo.
Arabica coffee production resulting from Tanah Gayo is the largest in Asia,Gayo coffee is one typical of the archipelago from Aceh who pretty much loved by various circles in the world. Gayo has the aroma and flavor very distinctive. Most of the existing coffee, bitterness remains on our tongue, but not so in Gayo coffee. The bitter taste was hardly felt in this coffee. Gayo coffee flavor of the original contained in coffee aroma is fragrant and savory flavor is hardly bitter. Even some who found Gayo coffee flavor exceed Blue Mountain coffee flavor that comes from Jamaica. Gayo coffee by smallholder plantations in the central highlands of Central Aceh.

In the area of coffee grown in an organic way without any chemicals that coffee is also known as green coffee (environmentally friendly). Gayo touted as the best organic coffee in the world.

From this process then appears is called cherry coffee fruit, oval-shaped, two side by side. Gayo is one commodity that comes from Gayo Highlands. Coffee plantations have been developed since 1908, thrives in Bener Meriah and Aceh Tengah. Both areas are located at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level has the largest coffee plantation in Indonesia, with an area of about 81,000 ha. Respectively 42,000 ha located in the central highlands and the remaining 39,000 hectares in Central Aceh district. Gayo is the name Native inhabiting the area. The majority of people living as Gayo Coffee Farmers.

The existence of Gayo coffee is also not free from the long history of Dutch colonization in the central part of Aceh in the early 10th century In 1918, the Dutch government made Gayo coffee as a product of the future, this is in line with the high interest of international markets to the unique taste of Gayo coffee Aceh , Most commodities Gayo Arabica coffee was developed in three districts of Central Aceh, Bener Meriah and Gayo Lues. And now total Aceh Gayo coffee plantation in 2010 has reached about 94,500 hectares, which consists of 48,500 hectares in Central Aceh, 39,000 hectares in the central highlands and 7,000 hectares in Gayo Lues.

Gayo Mountain coffee or also known as Gayo Sumatra in kopi flavor described as sweet and clean. Coffee experts who want to buy Gayo coffee usually see the oldness of the coffee beans. Coffee beans issued sense of "land" and a sense of "spice" and it is unique, making Gayo coffee Aceh one of the most in search of the kind of coffee in the world.